Clickable Classified Ads | Emergency Marketing TechniciansClickable classified ads are revolutionizing the world of advertising! With sites like and allowing businesses to post their ads in front of a large, local  audience, it's almost certain that they'll get more leads (and profits) from these resources than they have been getting from the dying-breed Yellow Pages and Yellow Books.


     But then came the clickable, graphic ad! Yes, these classified ad sites allow graphic (image) ads, and for those that understand the "HTML code" language of website design, it's possible to make each of these graphic ads 'clickable,' which means that when the viewer clicks anywhere in the ad, they are instantly transported to the desired webpage or website. Or, the business owner may wish to link the ad to a page with a video on it. But in any case, the business owner benefits both from the 'beauty' of the graphics (as opposed to a simple, plain-looking 'text' ad), and also from the fact that the ad is clickable and therefor always leads the customer to the web page of their choice, which helps to clinch the sale. It's a double benefit that always leads to increased sales and profits!